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Illuminated Signs in Toronto | Vital Signs

Having illuminated signs in Toronto as a form of advertising is the biggest and brightest business card a company can have.

In today’s competitive business environment the first impression a customer has of your business is thesignage. It’s important that your customer’s first impression not only be a good one, but a lasting one. Havingilluminated signs is an essential marketing tool that must communicate a highly visible, positive and attractive impression about a business indicating its location and its activity in the marketplace.

Is Signage Expensive?

Signage is the least expensive, yet most effective, form of advertising for independent and national retail businesses. (Source:

  • You pay for the sign once and it works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years. Use of other media requires paying month after month and you never have the benefit of ownership. You also have no assurance that you’re reaching potential customers.
  • From a business owner’s perspective, a sign should not be viewed as an expense, but as a capital investment. When you factor in your return on investment, signs are not expensive. An effective sign will most likely pay for itself many times over.
  • The price for signage will vary greatly depending upon the size, design, style, manufacturer, and mounting type.

Vital Signs has won many awards over the years. We take pride in the fact the work we have done has won awards for example our illuminated signs however we take the approach that every sign we create is a winner.

In 2008 Sign Media Canada honored our company Vital Signs Promotions for the work we did for our client Stitches in Toronto, Ontario. The award was for Illuminated Signs in Toronto. (

Illuminated Signs
Vital Signs Promotions
Designer: Candellero Designs
Address: Markham, Ont.
Client: Stitches, Toronto, Ont.
Materials/Methods: Images were printed on vinyl and stretched over aluminum frames. The centre image was internally lit and the outside images were lit externally. The formed aluminum store name is on top of a stained wood background.

From design to manufacture to installation, we are truly a one stop shop. With 20 years of experience manufacturing illuminated signs in Toronto we adhere to the highest standards in the industry. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Our specialty is helping you promote your products and services while building brand awareness through ourilluminated signs in Toronto.