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How to Maximize the Efforts of Your Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are one of the most common types of signs in the advertising industry. They are everywhere, but what makes an outdoor sign effective? What qualities do advertising companies look for when they are designing outdoor signs and is there a way to maximize their efficiency? Vital Signs manufactures outdoor signs for its clients and through the years, we have developed a strong understand of what makes them effective.

At the core of a business is its brand. Outdoor signs help a business promote their brand and develop a sense of awareness about it. If a business has spent a large portion of their advertising budget on increasing brand awareness, they should promote their brand through any outdoor signage they use. McDonald’s is a global brand that is easily recognizable through the classic golden arches. Brand awareness works and it fosters a cascading effect that will continue to grow your brand through exposure.

Outdoor signs must limit their word count. Consumers usually drive by them or engage with these types of signs for a few seconds. Make effective use of graphics and limited text to convey your message as quickly as possible and to convert browsers into buyers. Time is a commodity in our fast paced consumer society. Another rule to remember is to always design your outdoor signs for moving targets. As we previously mentioned, most consumers engage with outdoor signs from their vehicles. As they drive towards one of your signs, it is essential that the message is clear and that you can capture their attention.

Grammar is something that seems basic at heart, but is often overlooked. Professionalism is everything in the world of business. Take pride in your company’s reputation and be extra careful when designing your outdoor signs, especially if you are unable to change them after they have been manufactured. The last thing you want to see is a spelling mistake or a misplaced comma or period. A poorly placed comma can change the entire meaning of a sentence, so take the time to proof read and ensure that your grammar is sound.

When deciding on a location for your outdoor signs, familiarize yourself with local bylaws, zoning laws, and building codes. All of these things are important and can lead to bureaucratic headaches if ignored. If you are competing with other businesses, make sure your sign is the right size and that it stands out against your competition. If you are leasing a section, check with the owner of the building to ensure that you are allowed to place your outdoor sign. Some owners are picky and will try to limit the advertising efforts of larger companies. Lastly, if there are natural obstructions like light poles or other buildings, design your outdoor signs with this in mind.

The final way to maximize the efficiency of your outdoor signs is to provide them with adequate lighting. If you are placing the sign along a highway, ensure that you install lights to illuminate your sign at night. On the other hand, if your sign is located in the downtown core, lighting will be less important and you may find that your sign suffers from an oversaturation of light. Keep lighting in mind when designing outdoor signs, it is an important factor that can affect your signage.

Vital Signs manufactures outdoor signs and has been working in the signage industry for many years. We offer signage solutions to businesses in Toronto, Concord, Brampton, and the entire GTA. If you have any questions about products or services, please feel free to contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you out.