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How to Design Outdoor Signs

Finding the right image and theme for your outdoor signs can be challenging as there are many factors to consider.

  • Who is the target audience of your outdoor signs?
  • Are you trying to engage a specific demographic?
  • Is your product strictly regulated like tobacco or alcohol?
  • Are you advertising a product, or a service?
  • What location will you place the ad?
  • How long do you plan to advertise your product or service with outdoor signs?

While these are not the only questions to ask, they are good ones to ask if you are considering hiring a sign company to design your outdoor signs. Vital Signs has been working in the sign industry since 1991. We understand what it takes to design signs that are effective and durable.

Outdoor signs only have a few seconds to grab the attention of a consumer. If they are too wordy, consumers will ignore the message and if the images displayed are confusing, they will move onto the next advertisement. Consumers do not like to waste their time and outdoor signs are usually placed in locations with lots of moving traffic. It is essential that your outdoor signs properly convey your message or else you will waste your effort.

Your outdoor signs must strike a balance between readability and engagement. Consumers want to be compelled by your product or service. Your outdoor signs must remind them of why they need your business, and why they need your business immediately. You must convince consumers that your product or service is better than that of your competition and that yours is worth choosing. Furthermore, your advertisement must be memorable. This can be achieved through an interesting artistic direction or specific design elements, but the goal is to make consumers remember your ad long after they have viewed it. For example, most individuals can recall the classic Apple commercials or the Subway Jared Fogle campaigns. These are examples of effective advertising campaigns.

Vital Signs strives to create the perfect outdoor signs for all of its customers. We are located in Markham, but we serve TorontoMarkhamRichmond HillConcord, Thornhill, Newmarket, Brampton, Mississauga, the GTA, and all of Southern Ontario.