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How to Choose Awnings and Canopies For A Business Storefront

Every day of the year, your visitors and customers may tell you they want some sort of weather protection attached to your storefront. In the summer, the sidewalk gets really hot. In the fall, the leaves fall everywhere. In the winter, the snow falls on people who simply want to window shop. In the spring, rains can disrupt even the most efficient of errand running. Weather can strike any day of the year!

Luckily, there is a simple way to provide protection from the weather: install an awning or canopy outside your storefront for visitors and customers. You can even leave them installed year round if you like.

However, purchasing one is a little bit difficult, but no more difficult than reviewing a list of specifications. Essentially, you need to understand how well an awning, for instance, will help your store’s revenue generation. The best money spent is money that helps you generate revenue.

Here are some suggestions to help you through the purchase process.

Consider How Well Your Awnings Match Your Store’s Colors | Awnings Toronto & GTA

Symmetry is a thing of beauty. This applies greatly in the business world when it comes to design and marketing. A mismatched structure in front of your store can look awkward and odd to a visitor or customer. If your store’s color scheme is red and black, you cannot have a yellow or blue structure outside your store. It will not look like it belongs.

Consider the power of color matching to reverse this negative effect.

Awnings & Canopies | Decide If You Want a Permanent Structure or a Temporary One

Contrary to popular belief, awnings are not the same as canopies. Canopies are mobile structures, and awnings are securely fastened to your storefront, just above the window.

It is of great importance that you know whether you want a permanent structure or a temporary one. There are many factors that you can observe to determine which structure is best for you.

Here are a few.

  • Weather
  • Street traffic
  • Storage space
  • The opinions of your customers

Consider the Impact of a Canopy or Awning on Your Sales

The purpose of maintaining an attractive storefront is to entice potential customers to enter your store. If your customer is not willing, you need to convince them to do so.

A real life example can be seen outside any coffee shop ever that offers free wifi. From time to time, people will sit outside in front of the storefront in the shade, connect to the free wifi service, and sit for hours. They will usually refrain from entering the shop and purchasing a coffee or a bagel.

A great way to counter this is to prominently display your wares in the window, showcase your business’s promotions and deal, and make your store more visible. Everyone loves great deals, and prominently showcasing great deals will result in more business. The key here is to promote your business as best as possible, using every marketing avenue available to you, including your storefront.

Awnings & Canopies Toronto | Vital Signs

When it comes to installing even a single awning or canopy, you need to make sure that doing so will help your business and build your customer base. Awnings and canopies can be great tools for any business person if used correctly. For assistance in installing some in front of your store, contact Vital Signs for more information. We operate in and around Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Newmarket, Thornhill, the GTA, Brampton, and Mississauga, and the surrounding areas. We would like to help your business grow as well. Contact us at our website today!