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How Pylon Signs Differ From Sign Boxes

Every business needs signage. Some business owners only look at illuminated signage. Knowing which type of signage is right for your business is vital, as every expense must be justifiable, especially for new or young businesses.

Making the wrong choice, even when it comes to signage, can have a financial impact on the business as you will essentially have to make the same purchase twice. Once purchase for the wrong type of sign, and a second purchase to correct the first one.

In this article, we will show you how to think of the differences between pylon signs and sign boxes.

When it comes to thinking about pylon signs, especially in their comparison to sign boxes, it is best to think of the former as a larger version of the latter. Both are signage that is illuminated and box-shaped. However, sign boxes are usually smaller.

There are many other differences between the two which we will cover in this article. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the type of signage that will best assist your business’s advertising and marketing efforts.

Features of Pylon Signs

These signs are like larger versions of sign boxes. However, you do not need to adhere to the box-shape. You can design these signs in almost any shape. You have to purchase the base as well as the sign, because these signs are very, very heavy and are usually transfixed into the ground with custom bases made with concrete, metal, or even brick.

These types of signs are usually purchased and installed by stores and companies with large budgets. Think businesses like Walmart, government contractors, and medical practices. If a company has the budget to pay for large signage, it usually will.

Companies know that the value they can receive from an expenditure are usually related to the expenditure itself. In order words, you have to spend money (wisely) to make money.

You can see these signs at:

● Strip malls
● Big box stores
● Government agencies
● Businesses with large budgets, or just large advertising budgets
● In malls
● Outside outlet or factory stores
● Etc.

Features of Sign Boxes

Sign boxes are small, and generally either mounted on a storefront, or on a stand in front of the store itself. Usually no larger than a person, these signs are great for businesses with limited advertising and signage budgets, but who still want to enjoy all the benefits of illuminated, customized signage.

You can often find sign boxes in front of stores like local shops like:
● Coffee shops
● Hardware stores
● Auto shops
● Libraries
● Consulting services
● Any “local” type of business that is not a franchise
● Etc.

Local shops usually have limited budgets, so they make their budgets stretch as far as possible. These types of signs are perfect for local shops and small businesses for that reason.

The Difference Signs Make

Finding the appropriate signage makes all the difference when it comes to advertising. Make sure that the advertising you choose is the advertising that works for you.

If you need pylon signs, or other types of signs and signage, and you own a business located in or around Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Newmarket, Thornhill, the GTA, Brampton, or Mississauga, contact us at Vital Signs today. You can contact us online at our website.

● The size of a sign is important to consider when determining what your signage strategy will be.
● Pylon signs are similar, but they also have a few differences. They are not the same.
● When it comes to signage, consider putting aside a healthy budget in order to obtain the best signage you can for your business.