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Go Green This Year by Installing Awnings and Canopies on Your Store

Everyone wants to do their part to save the Earth. Not only is it a noble goal, but it is also easier than ever before, due to the vast advances in technology. However, you do not need to invest in costly energy-saving devices to, well, save energy. Sometimes, a low-cost solution can save lots of energy, even if it is not discussed much by environmentalists. One such solution is installing awnings and canopies on your storefront.

See, canopies cover storefronts, much of which is glass. Glass does not trap heat well, which means that heat, as well as energy, is transferred easily through glass. This is why homes with lots of glass windows feel warmer than homes made of stone, which feel very cold by comparison. All of this heat and energy transfer adds up, and can become a significant amount of energy in just one week of operation.

Many storefronts, maybe even yours, have large glass windows that almost cover the width of the storefront in order to display their merchandise easily. In doing so, you may be losing a lot of heat to the heat transfer, thereby increasing your utility costs. The warmer your store feels, the more likely you will be to turn on, or even blast, the air conditioning. This will increase your energy bills, which will increase your environmental impact.

Utilizing a high tech solution like special glass is out of the budget. Even installing an exterior sticker for your glass window in order to provide some barrier may be out of the budget. What can be in the budget, however, is a tried and true method used in storefronts for centuries around the world.

Awnings provide shade, which will lower the temperature of the heat hitting your storefront glass windows. Since your glass windows will be cooler, less heat and energy will be transferred in or out of your store. This means that your store will feel cooler with an awning, which will make you less likely to blast the air conditioning. For the one time price of installing an awning or canopy outside your store, you can dramatically lower your energy bills for all months succeeding that.

With such a low cost to entry, not to mention the money you will save by doing so, you should consider installing them today.

Secondary Protection from the Weather

Installing an awning or canopy outside your store can also keep the elements away from your store during adverse weather conditions. Conditions like rain, sleet, snow, and even hail can damage your storefront, leaving it looking messy. The fabric used to manufacture awnings and canopies are tough, and can repel snow and rain very well.

If you need weather protection for your store, there is no better solution than this. Whether you are operating your business on the hottest day of the year, or the coldest day of the year, even just installing one awning may be enough to enjoy the benefits of doing so. You should consider installing them today, as countless businesses have already done with success.

Installing multiple awnings and canopies is advised for any business that wants to maximize the benefits they receive from going green. Even installing just one awning or canopy may be enough in some cases. For more information regarding environmentalist energy solutions regarding your storefront, especially signage, in and around Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Concord, Newmarket, Thornhill, the GTA, Brampton, and Mississauga, consider visiting Vital Signs. You can either visit us in-store or online at our website to learn more today.