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Five Benefits of Sidewalk Signage

You probably see sidewalk signage every day when you walk around your local commercial district. It seems as though every coffee joint, bar, and pub has sidewalk signage nowadays.

While some business owners use sidewalk signs to post messages to their community, others write down food and drink prices or funny messages for pedestrians to see while they are passing by. Even if your business expertise is not in the food and beverage industry, you too can benefit from sidewalk signage as well.

Here are the top five benefits you will receive by purchasing sidewalk signage today.

Increased Public Visibility

The great thing about sidewalk signage is that it attains pedestrians’ attention when they pass by your store. Since sidewalk signs are approximately two-to-four feet high, they can be seen more easily by more demographics of society, like teenagers.

Whether you publicize an in-store promotion on your sidewalk signs or post the prices of your more popular items, utilizing a sidewalk sign is a great way to publicly inform customers and in-store visitors of your small business’s value.

Complete Control over Advertising

As a small business operator, it is essential that you are able to control your public image as much as possible. If your sidewalk sign is vandalized, for instance, you can easily remove it from your storefront. It is easily replaceable. With a sidewalk sign, you have complete control over how your business and storefront appears to your local community.

An Affordable Form of Advertising

Other, larger types of store signs can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Only businesses that can get large bank loans or have enough equity to purchase large, hugely visible signs can do so.

If you are just starting out, or your small business does not have a dedicated marketing and advertising budget, sidewalk signage is an affordable means to advertise to your local community. Due to their affordability, you can even purchase multiple sidewalk signs in case one breaks or needs replacing.

A Great Way to Connect with Customers

Small business owners usually use their signage to relay information to customers, but not to connect on an emotional level with them. However, with sidewalk signs, you can. Since the content of sidewalk signs are erasable, having a sidewalk sign is a great way to encourage your customers and visitors to become a part of your advertising campaign.

Other forms of signage, by contrast, cannot be altered, and do not act as a conduit for customers and small business owners to connect on an emotional level. Customers that do, however, have better shopping experiences.

Sometimes, the Best Advertising Is Visual

Pedestrians and cars may move too fast outside your store to quickly read your storefront signage. Simply drawing your logo and slogan on your sidewalk signs may be more influential than writing anything at all. Visual learners can easily remember iconic art and will visit your store the next time they are in the neighborhood. This advertising tactic allows you to be more diverse in your marketing and advertising as well.

You can draw a new image representative of your small business on your sidewalks signs at intervals of two or three days, providing variability in your business’s public image and reputation to your local community. Your customers and visitors will notice, enjoying the hard work you put in at investing in your business’s future vitality.

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