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First Impressions: The Importance of a Store Sign

A store sign is a gateway to your business and it is important that your store sign draw customers in. We’ve all heard the concept that a store only has 10 seconds to win a customer over, but without an effective store sign, you won’t even convince a customer to enter your business. Vital Signs helps its clients design high quality store signs that are visually engaging.

The outdoor store sign is your store’s first impression on a consumer. For example, if a consumer is walking through the mall, in the distance they may spot your store. How do they spot it? They look for the store sign in order to decide whether that business is capable of suiting their specific needs at that particular moment. That is the first impression. If they decide to enter your business, the second impression, the one that is related to the 10 second rule, kicks in. At that point, you must convince a consumer to stay via your merchandise, interior store signs, and friendly staff. A successful interior store sign will direct customers to the products that they want. The goal of an interior store sign is not to be confusing, but rather, to be direct, and helpful.

The biggest mistake a business can make is ignoring the importance of a store sign. The best metaphor to describe store signs is the application of makeup. Your core business will always remain the same, as will your face, but a store sign, makeup, will make it look better and it will encourage activity.

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