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Find the Right Signs to Advertise Your Business

Signs are a cost-effective form of advertising for any company. They act as a crucial first impression for your business and it is important that your signage reflect the direct goals of your company in a clear and concise manner. Vital Signs understands the influence that proper signage will achieve, and we want to ensure that consumers understand how useful they can be as a form of advertising.

Common Products Offered by Sign Companies

We offer many different types of signs including building mounted, interior, freestanding, and neon signs. These types of displays have a specific use and are effective when appropriately placed.

Building Mounted Signs

A type of display that is found on the outside of buildings. It usually states the company’s name, a motto, and some form of imagery. It tells consumers that your business exists and it suggests what type of products you offer through the imagery displayed.

Interior Signs

This useful device offers directions. It influences consumers into purchasing a specific product or service. They are found inside of malls, or within a business to advertise promotions.

Freestanding Signs

Found at the entrance to a business or alongside a road, they provide consumers with a first impression of your business. These types of displays must be large enough for a motorist to read the content as they drive by at high speeds. They rely on images and simple themes to minimize wordiness because it is difficult for a driver to read long blocks of text.

Neon Signs

They are a classic form of advertisement and are popular for drawing in consumers through their flashy and attention grabbing characteristics. Popular features include, vibrant use of colour, construction of an image, the classic buzzing sound, interchanging colours, and the overall glow and shine that can only be provided through the use of neon.

Vital Signs provides businesses in Toronto, the GTA, Markham, Newmarket, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Concord, Brampton, Mississauga, and all of Southern Ontario with a wide range of sign solutions.