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Factors That Build a Successful Signage

Signage is considered one of the most useful and effective means of communication.  Businesses have used this timeless tool in order to advertise their business, products and services to potential clients for hundreds of years.  By creating visual graphics with business name, logos, and contact information, companies introduce themselves to customers and give them preliminary information about their brands, products and services.

Vital Signs is an experienced signage company that can help your business create effective signage to promote your products and services.

Used by companies who are seeking quick, efficient communication, signage helps display information to a particular audience.  Given the fact that customers are highly attuned to marketing messages, signage does not even require a potential customer’s full attention when created effectively and placed appropriately.  Images are particularly effective at capturing attention and making a memorable impression.

Signage creates a good opportunity to make a positive impression on potential customers and is especially recommended for new businesses. The right signage can make smaller sized companies more competitive by creating a positive, lasting impression.

Creating competitive signage is important – a few tips to ensure your signage is effective:

  • Know your area and your potential customers
  • Ensure your message is clear and simple to make it easy to understand
  • Aspects such as height and lighting may have an influence on the way the signage is viewed
  • If your sign is being viewed from a further distance, ensure size is taken into consideration
  • Use logos, colour and effective communication to increase the power of this marketing tool

Vital Signs recognizes the importance of effective signage.  We will create and manufacture your signage using appropriate materials and will develop readable, well-designed signs.  Vital Signs will partner with you to be your signage solution in Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario.