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Exterior Signs

Having professional exterior signs outside business establishments in Toronto and the GTA is becoming even more important with the advent of Google Business Photos. Traditionally the importance of having a well made professional exterior sign was mainly due to the fact that exterior signs are in essence the first impression you make on a client. Also, like a business card, it has the ability to attract new clients. In a sense, it’s like waving your business card in the streets of Toronto and the surrounding GTA. An exterior sign is a very effective way to advertise because this is usually the first thing someone notices about a business. People instantly make judgments on an establishment by the exterior signs.

In May 2011 Google VP of Location and Local Services Marissa Mayer sat down with Jason Kincaid from TechCrunch after her keynote talk at Social Loco Conference in San Francisco. What she announced at the conference was the Google Business Photos initiative which is essentially “Street View” for business interiors. A few months ago Google partnered with a group of seventeen museums’ and had their professional photographers shoot the rooms to have a panoramic view of what it was like to be inside the museum.

“This is an enormous opportunity for business owners. This will give an owner the opportunity to advertise their establishment like never before.” (Source:

By having Vital Signs design and manufacture exterior signs for a business coupled with exposing a business through Google Business Photos will give businesses a huge advantage in the marketing and advertising spectrum. The combination of professional exterior sign work along with the heightened web presence through Google Business Photos opens a whole new avenue for advertising. Even though a business has an existing website, Google Business Photos will enhance their web presence. “A virtual tour of an establishment is very enticing to a consumer. Google is now taking invitations from business’ to go into their business to shoot pictures in order to give us a better view of what it’s like to be inside that establishment.” (

Once a business partners with Google Business Photos and the shoot has been completed and uploads onto the internet, the first thing we will see is the exterior sign and the exterior of the business. This is when the virtual interior tour of the establishment will begin. Not only is this an exciting time for businesses in general it is an exciting time for companies like Vital Signs. This is because as time goes on businesses will catch on to Google Business Photos and will want professional exterior signs for their Google Business Photos debut.