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During the Cold, Dark Winter Months, Use LED Storefront Signs

By now, winter has fallen and the winds are picking up in Markham and Newmarket. Due to the shorter days and longer periods of daytime darkness in Canada, you are now facing an increasing challenge as a small business owner of increasing your visibility to the general public. In addition, less amounts of shoppers are walking around and, if you have been operating your store for a while, you are probably used to the decrease in sales revenue for these cold, dark months.

However, it does not have to be this way. There is a solution to the dark and dreary winter months that can increase your public visibility and lead to increased sales revenue simultaneously: LED storefront signs.

Choose Different Colors for Maximal Attention

When you choose to purchase an LED storefront sign, make sure you purchase a few different sets of colors, in order to pick the most visual set for each weather condition. Your business’s visibility will be hampered at times by weather conditions like rainfall, snowstorms, the night time, and possibly even fog. You may need to use different colored LEDs at different times during the day and night to increase your small business’s visibility and increase customer awareness of your store.

Ensuring you have different-colored LEDs in stock to change your storefront signs’ appearances is also very important at improving customers’ awareness throughout the year, not just during the winter. Although some holidays coincide with snow and cold, like Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day, others do not. Whether you are announcing a holiday sale a few weeks in advance or simply celebrating each one as they come, changing the LEDs to reflect each holiday is a great marketing strategy. For instance, you can use pink LEDs for St. Valentine’s Day, green ones for Arbor Day, or red and white ones for Canada Day.

Increased Visibility at Night and During Snowfall

As the winds pick up and snow falls, you can expect these increasingly volatile weather conditions will obscure some or part of your storefront signs. However, unlike a regular wooden or metal sign, LED signs can ensure your small business’s visibility is increased, especially at night.

If you find the days grow darker after 5PM but your store is open until 8PM, installing an LED storefront sign can increase customers’ visibility and increase the amount that enter your store during your later hours. To do so, contrast the dark blue and black night sky with yellow LEDs for maximum visibility. During snowstorms, switching out your yellow LEDs for red ones will ensure that your signage can continue to be seen by customers searching for your store.

Gain an advantage over your competition and the elements by using an LED storefront sign

Standout from Your Competition

With LED storefront signs, no matter what type of small business you run, you will stand out from your competition. While your competitors will be reducing their hours of operation, or not updating their signs, your LED storefront signs will shine.

By not being complacent and striving to attract customers’ attention, no matter the season, your small business will receive more visitors, which may translate to increased sales revenue. While winter sales are expected to decrease, you can control by how much your sales do, and you can control whether or not you even experience a sales slump at all.

With tenacity and an effective marketing and advertising campaign, using tactics like LED storefront signs, you can increase your business during the winter months and increase your small business’s visibility in your local community.

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