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Neon signs often receive a negative reputation that results from a series of myths about this form of signage. Naturally, these myths about neon signs are incorrect and have no substance behind them. Vital Signs feel that it is important to dispel these improper myths that harm the reputation of neon signs, because we feel that this type of signage is a great way for a business to advertise and that they shouldn’t be scared to use it.

The first myth about neon signs is that they consume a lot of energy. No they don’t. Before 1990, yes, but now they use less energy than a standard 75-watt bulb as a result of technological advancements in power transformers and the technology behind neon signs.

The second common myth is that neon gas and argon gas are harmful and deadly to humans. Not true. They are both non-reactive inert gases. They have no harmful effects, and even if they did, the gas is sealed in tubes.

The third myth is that neon signs wear down fast. This is not the case. A neon sign can last for 20,000 hours or more which is roughly 8-15 years, so long as the company that manufactures it for you take the time to design and build it properly.  It can also be recharged and repaired.

Many of these myths have occurred due to a lack of education about neon signs. Businesses should not be afraid to invest in this form of signage, they are a timeless classic, and they add a lot of character to any business. Vital Signs has been producing neon signs for a long time and we feel that more businesses should consider using them. We manufacture neon signs for businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Southern Ontario, and all of the GTA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today.