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Designing the Perfect Channel Letters For Your Business

Designing signage is hard, especially when consider what information to add, and what to leave out. It can be difficult to know if even adding a contact phone number to a piece of signage will result in effective advertising or not. When it comes to designing letters, whether lit or not, to be hung outside your storefront, this issue can seem more complex.

However, with this article, we will evaluate the different types of information you can include.

Designing letters is like desiging any other form of signage. The format is just a little bit different. Instead of working on a flat surface, your letters will be the only thing that is displayed. Much of the white space and wasted space on a sign will not affect letters. In fact, it is very possible that letters can enhance a storefront’s appeal due to its simplicity and marketing effectiveness.

All Channel Letters Need a Name

There are very, very few companies out there that can benefit from nameless letters. In these extremely unique cases, the logo is more famous than the name, crossing cultures and languages.

One example would be the half-bitten Apple logo. Another example would be the Amazon logo that looks like a smile.

Close your eyes and think of other big and famous international companies like this. You will find it hard to do. This is why you need to include your store’s name in all signage that you create. Unless your company is very famous, and people recognize your logo before your name, you cannot afford to do otherwise.

The first information that you should include in your letters is your store’s or business’s name.

All Channel Letters Need a Color Scheme

Information is not the only valuable piece of information you need to include. Sometimes, information can be visual. When you think of a bumblebee, you think of the colors black and yellow. If you draw a very basic drawing of a bumblebee and you show the drawing to a stranger, that stranger will eventually guess that it is a bumblebee. This result can also be seen when you think of signage.

Starbucks is identified by green and white. McDonald’s is identified by red and yellow. Walmart is identified by blue and white.

If you have colors for your store’s promotional materials, use them. If not, consider creating a compli-mentary color scheme that captures the essence of your small business. Colors create a visually pleasing effect to customers, and it helps them remember your business signage better. Like the picture of the bumblebee, a customer or client can loot at your letters and have an easier time remembering your store or business and the services that you offer.

Having an attractive storefront is a great way to attract customers. With custom-designed letters, you can make your storefront so much more attractive than your competitions’ storefronts. Having the better-designed storefront will provide you with more business, and more revenues. If you do not have letters on your storefront, or you want to update them, you should do so as soon as possible.

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