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Customers Will Love Your Signs This St. Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and it is infectious. From person to person, and between loved ones and their families, St. Valentine’s Day is a time to cherish those who are close to us. Small businesses run and operate like a large family, as customers and the staff form lifelong connections.

Show your love for your customers this St. Valentine’s Day by replacing your aged and outdated signs. They will appreciate the efforts, especially when shopping for gifts for their spouses. Here, in more detail, are four reasons why your customers will love your updated signs this St. Valentine’s Day.

A Constant Commitment to Your Business

When customers shop at their favorite stores, especially when these new businesses are just starting out, they feel a personal connection to the staff there. You and your customers are truly like family, helping each other achieve your goals together. After all, they could easily go to a competitor instead, if they chose to. Instead, they shop at your store because they value you and your business, and they want to keep shopping with you. Return the love this St. Valentine’s Day and show your customers some love with updated signs to mark the occasion.

A Cost-Effective Way to Say Thank You

Updating your signs does not have to be an expensive affair. The cost of updating or renovating a sign depends on many factors like the type of sign, its size, and the type of renovation you want. Obviously, completely replacing your signs will cost more than re-painting your existing signs. In this instance, the cost will depend on your plans for your signs.

However, you do not need to completely update your signs for customers to notice them. As long as your signs are not structurally damaged in any way, a fresh coat of paint or gloss can make them look just like new! This is a great option for small businesses that do not typically have large advertising or renovation budgets but still want their customers to know they are appreciated.

Ensure Your Signs Can Be Seen

This is probably the most important point when determining how effective your signs will be at attracting your customers’ attention. Your sign may look fabulous but no one will know if it is located in a dark corner of your store or under an awning outside your store. Your signs must be placed in a visible area where they are not competing with other objects for customers’ attention. This is key, because you may have great signs but, unless customers’ can see them, they will not know just how great they are.

The Added Benefit of St. Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day may be the Holiday of Love, but it is just one of many holidays your customers will experience throughout the year. In the weeks leading up to any holiday, businesses experience increased sales revenue as a result. Customers want to buy your goods and services to mark the occasion, and will flock to your store to do so.

Renovating your signs in the beginning of the year also ensures they are looking their best throughout the year. You will no longer have to worry about their appearance in the Spring, Summer, or Fall seasons. To increase the “wow” factor customers experience when seeing your signs during busy holiday seasons, you can even re-paint your signs for each major holiday, adding in appropriate holiday colors to celebrate, like red and green for Christmas, white and blue for Hannukah, or red and white for Canada Day.

We know your customers will love your updated signs this St. Valentine’s Day. Vital Signs is a custom signs manufacturer and retailer that helps small businesses create, manufacture, service, and install their own quality commercial signs in Toronto and across the GTA. For more information, please visit us at our website.