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Create an Effective, Unique Neon Sign that Stands Out

Signage is often the first impression of your company, and is often representative of your company’s culture and values.  Designed with this in mind, signage can be a very effective marketing tool to promote your business, brand and products.

There are many different types of signs, and a particularly effective style is the neon sign.  A neon sign shines brightly in the dark, letting potential clients know where you are, your company name, perhaps a logo and a bit of wording.  A neon sign is the most effective way to guide potential customers to your store.  Remember if your sign cannot be seen, it will not be effective.  A neon sign will be highly visible and attract attention for your business.

Creating an original, customized neon sign is one of our specialties at Vital Signs.  Customization can happen by modifying size, shape, colour and various other details.  Uniqueness is also important when creating neon signs, since there are many neon signs already in use.  Our experienced team of design specialists can help you assess your signage needs and customize the best neon sign to represent your company.  We will work with you from conception to completion, giving you our expert advice along the way.

The placement of a neon sign is also extremely important.  A well-placed, well-designed neon sign can attract potential clients, guide them to your business and catch the eye of passersby, committing your logo to memory for future needs.  At Vital Signs, our primary goal is customer service.  We want our neon signs to be successful marketing tools for your business.  Our team will advise you on the optimal placement for your neon sign, to attract the most clients and in turn affect sales in a positive manner.

Vital Signs is a top manufacturer of indoor and outdoor illuminated commercial signage including neon signs. We serve companies in Toronto, the GTA and other areas in Ontario.