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Company Signage for Your Business

Company signage compels the consumers to enter your place of business. Human emotions are swayed by tasteful designs, color, lightening your signage will have a direct affect on human emotions. Human emotion is what compels most of us to react or engage. Applying visual graphics and wording in your company signage will create just that.

The livelihood of your business relies on a consistent business image-known as branding. Gaining the competitive edge requires effective branding. Every service or product has a signage associated to it. You may only have one chance to capture that image.

Company Signage Basic: Design an Effective Logo

It takes careful consideration of the type of business you’re in and the services you provide the consumer with to design an effective logo. You don’t want to mimic others in your industry, but sometimes NOT reinventing the wheel works. Think about your industry: What image comes to mind? Is it a photo, a group of lines, or a special font? The focus is on being unique.
If you choose someone who specializes in company signage design, that individual will walk you through a series of questions to help them evaluate an adequate design. The finished product will be the image you present to the world – be sure it’s impressive.

Company Signage Visual Basics of Importance

The visual display you create for your business is your ultimate sales tool. It isn’t necessary for you to spend a large amount of money on expensive visual displays. Expensive doesn’t mean it is more effective, just more money.
The makings of a good sign are one that captivates and educates the buyer. The right company signage should reinforce your company image. It is this image-embedded in the consumer’s mind-that will associate your service with another.

Company Signage Basic: Impressive Color

Beware – colors have a way of choosing a gender. The color and font size used to reflect your business profession must be professional to be effective. Stay away from neon colors or fonts that are unreadable from a distance.

Company Signage Basic: How Big

Every city and state has it own set of guidelines for company signage. For your company signage to impact the consumer, it doesn’t need to be overpowering – just visible. The minimum sign letter height is 4″ for the message to be readable at 100 feet. Of course, if you’re located on a busy intersection you’ll want at least 10″ lettering for people to catch within a glimpse.