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Colors and Their Importance in Store Signs

Colors often inspire different kinds of emotion. We often see many different colors on a daily basis without thinking about their effect on us, but they really do play an important part in influencing our actions, emotions, and overall decisions. Vital Signs understands the importantance of color when it comes to creating a successful store sign.

How do colors play a part in company store signs? They are used to produce a certain emotional reaction in a consumer.

  • Yellow is often associated with happiness, feeling good, and an overall feeling of warmth.
  • Blue is the color of confidence. Most businesses will use blue in their store sign in an effort to paint a picture of professionalism and confidence in their ability.
  • Green is typically the color of healthiness. Hospitals, pharmacies, and other companies in the health industry will use this color in store signs because it promotes a culture of healthiness.
  • Purple is the color of royalty, mystery, and wisdom. Like blue, the color purple commands a certain level of respect and establishes the notion that a specific business understands their industry.
  • Orange is generally used to promote joy and optimism. Young companies with something to prove will often use orange. In Canada, think of Wind Mobile and their use of orange. They are directly channeling big telecommunications in a Davis vs. Goliath manner.
  • Pink is rarely used, but it is the color of femininity and love. The Breast Cancer Foundation makes perfect use of pink with their iconic ribbon logo.

When creating store signs, make proper use of colors in order to ensure you adequately convey your message. Vital Signs understands colors and how they play an important role in store signs. We manufacture store signs for businesses in Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and most of the GTA. If you have any questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact us today.