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Channel Letters: The Innovation Your Business Is Missing

You run a small business and have tried everything to make your store more visible to your customers and the larger community. You sell an excellent product, have loyal customers, and have a great reputation, but it is not enough. To grow your business, try increasing your storefront’s visibility using channel letters.

Channel letters may not be a new innovation, but they are an important one many businesses are missing. Choosing not to publicly advertise your business can lead to a loss in sales revenue. Here are three reasons why channel letters are so important to gaining new customers and retaining the ones you have.

Word-of-Mouth Means Nothing If Customers Can’t Find You

Every business owner knows the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It is very effective in creating loyal customers that you might not have otherwise. If a customer is very satisfied with their shopping experience, they will tell everyone. If you do not have the means to market or advertise your business outside your town or city, word-of-mouth is essential to bringing in new customers from the next city or province over.

However, even if you have a great rapport with customers all over the GTA, for instance, this rapport will not translate into increased sales is they cannot locate your store. Channel letters are essential for customers to find your business. If you are located on a busy street, customers may not be able to read all the store signs while driving the speed limit. Having your store promoted in large letters is therefore necessary if you want potential customers to find you. If they cannot, they will go to your closest competitor.

Channel Letters Look Great At Night

Channel letters are a great way to advertise at night for free. When customers are driving by, your channel letters will reflect against their headlights. Your storefront will be lit up all the way down the block as the cars pass by. If you were to have a different store sign, like one made of wood or metal, it would not have the same reflective properties as channel letters, especially if it is painted.

Only channel letters can ensure that visitors and customers can see your business at nighttime. Your store will become a “landmark” to them, especially if your competitors do not have channel letters of their own. As the local neighborhood “landmark,” your store will instantaneously become a popular meeting place for potential customers out at night, like joggers, drivers, and dog walkers.

The more likely a prospective customer can see your store at night, the more likely they will return during daytime hours if they want to shop with you. However, if you do not install channel letters, you might miss out on this amazing opportunity to grow your sales and gain new customers.

Channel Letters Boost Brand Appeal

Even if your competitors or other local businesses have channel letters, you will still benefit from installing some of your own. Whether during the day or night, channel letters will make your store more visible to everyone walking or driving by. This visibility, combined with your business’s quality of service and the goods and services you offer, will ensure that you gain new customers who might not have otherwise known of your store’s existence or location.

There is no downside to installing channel letters. Your store becomes more visible to the community and to customers trying to find you, and you gain a new form of marketing and advertising that will pay for itself with every new customer you reach.

Channel letters are a great way to spruce up your storefront’s public appeal. Vital Signs has helped clients in Concord, Brampton, and Mississauga create unique channel letters for their businesses to increase their visibility. If you want to learn more about channel letters or place an order, visit us at our website today.