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Channel Letters Provide Advertising and Marketing Freedom

Channel letters, especially lit letters or led letters, are not new in the marketing and advertising world. However, while they are mainly used as intended, you do not have to. The way you choose to appeal to your customers or the methods you choose to achieve that are best left to your own judgment. In fact, by bucking the trend and using channel letters to their fullest extent, you can experience a surge of customer and visitor excitement when they visit your small business or store.

Go Beyond Your Exterior Wall Space

Lit led channel letters are usually fastened to the exterior of your store. When designing channel letters, even if they are led or lit letters, you need to keep in mind the restrictive space you have. You have to keep in mind the placement of windows and doors that can interfere with the original designs for your letters, for instance.

However, you can always fasten your lit or led letters from the top half of the channel letters if you want. This will take a unique design to build but it can be effective, and affordable if you make this decision early enough in the design process.

Where there is a will, there is a way (unless Will is in the way), and by using a unique fastening design on the back of your letters to install them while ensuring the stability and structure of your letters, the limited space provided by your small business’s exterior space will not be a problem.

No matter how much, or little, space you have to fasten your lit letters or led letters, it can and will be done. Channel letters come in all shapes and sizes and a solution for every small business owner interested in installing them can be found.

Unique Channel Letter Designs

The design of the channel letters you buy is really up to you. The final look of your letters, whether they are led or lit or not, will depend on your specifications. This is why stylistic choice is very important when it comes to the design. Your designed letters can be big, small, large, small, thin, wide, or even funky shapes. It all depends on your vision for your business and the message you wish to send to your community.

Every company’s letters look different to reflect the business, and the goods and services it sells. Some have logos attached to their letters, and other companies do not. There is no limit to the creativity and imagination you can put into your letters.

This benefit is much more different than other forms of signage that you can purchase for your store. Other signs are fixed. You have a limited amount of signage space to fill and you may have to prioritize certain design choices over others. With channel letters, lit letters, and led letters, you have much more freedom when making design choices that will ultimately affect your business prospects. A truly innovative marketing and advertising strategy like this may be just what your business needs to accelerate growth in the short-term.

Channel letters, whether they are lit, led, or not, are a great form of advertising and marketing to add to your store, and your business brand. If you are the owner of a small business or store in Toronto, the GTA, or Markham, and you are interested in purchasing, designing, and installing channel letters, lit letters, and led letters on your store, contact Vital Signs at our website today. You will