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Canopies are Great for Festivities!

Festivities can happen at any time, and on any day of the year. You do not need to wait for a civic holiday to have a celebration in your store. You can celebrate something tomorrow in your store if you would like!

Celebrations are great because customers are happy, they can receive small discounts, and you can sell more merchandise. Creating a cause for celebration is a great way to sell under-performing merchandise. Everybody wins!

Festivities do not need to be as big as Woodstock was to be successful. You can enrol your store to participate in a local event like a farmer’s market or a sidewalk tour. At a minimum, you can setup a booth outside your storefront and sell merchandise on the sidewalk.

These strategies will help you generate more customers to add to your customer base. Awnings are permanent fixtures and not all stores have them installed on their exterior. However, canopies are a quick and simple solution to providing customers with shade, cover from the weather, and a place to window shop.

Setting up a canopy is simple and can be done in a lunch break! The ease of setup is what partially makes canopies so effective.

How Window Shopping Works with Canopies

There are three types of people who purchase things. The first group walks in and knows immediately what they want to buy. The second group walks in and has an idea of what they want to buy. The third group walks in and does not know what they want to buy, but they want to buy something. Window shoppers are usually in that third group. By installing canopies outside your store, you can help facilitate this third group and help them choose out goods and services that they need.

Window shopping is the first step to making a sale. A customer needs to feel that he or she wants to purchase the item, before he or she actually does. If your store is small, you may not have enough space to let visitors and prospective customers window shop.

However, if your storefront has a large window, they can look in and determine whether they want to purchase your goods and services, without ever stepping in the door..

You Can Even use a Canopy in the Winter

Snow canopies are great outdoor structures that allow you to conduct store-related activities in the snow. They can be set up and installed quickly. All you need to do is drape and secure the cloth lining to the metal frame. Secure the metal frame with tent stakes if you can, or tie off the lining to a nearby pole or fence.

In the winter, you can use a snow canopy to host an event, display your merchandise outside your store, or even just provide a place for customers to congregate (if you are a restaurant or serve food). Canopies are very versatile and can be used year-round, depending on the activity. Whether you choose to sell merchandise under a canopy, or you want to mingle with customers, you can increase your sales by just increasing your relationship with your local community.

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