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Canopies and Awnings Are Good for Business and the Environment!

Consider the following scenario. Are you like Bob?

Bob is an entrepreneur. He owns a shop. While business is good to Bob, Bob wants to lower his expenses in order to save more money in case the economy turns against him. Bob decides to lower his heating and cooling costs. He wants to lower his expenses as much as possible over the year.

Bob does not know where to start, but he thinks that if he can regulate and control the natural temperature in his store better, he can pay less in heating and cooling expenses. Bob is right. Bob decides to install an awning above his storefront window’s exterior to achieve his goal.

Using the information in this article, Bob has lowered his heating and cooling expenses, and the savings that he has accumulated have more than paid for the awning that he decided to install.

Energy Consumption and the Environment

How environmentally-friendly your small business is can be measured in two ways: how much energy you are using, and how much energy you save.

Often, one of these methods will lead into the other. Installing blinds can lower the need for air condi-tioning in the summer. Installing solar panels can reduce your electricity bill all year round.

Awnings Provide Energy Savings

Installing even one awning on your storefront can result in energy savings. Shade is very important when regulating the indoor temperature of a store. Items placed in front of windows are often heated up with a higher temperature to items that are not placed there. With no protection from the Sun, these items and the surrounding area can heat up quite a bit. This is an issue all year round that all businesses have to deal with.

Many store owners spend significant money on cooling their store, or business.

If you sell food and beverages, your store needs to be cold in order to prevent the food and drinks from spoiling. Other industries that require cold temperatures include electronics, computers, and pharmacies.

With increased shade, your store is protected from a greater amount of heat from the Sun. The more Sun you block out, the less energy you use, and the lower your energy bill will become. It is as simple as that.

Awnings Provide Greater Weather Protection

Exposing your storefront to the elements is not a good thing. If left untreated, here is what can happen to your storefront.

● The paint can chip and peel, and its colors can fade
● The storefront window can get dented by hail and cracked by ice
● Items placed near your storefront window like products and furniture can fade
● Rain can swell up around your window edges

The more maintenance and repairs that you need to do, the higher your expenses will be. If you want a continuous stream of customers, your storefront needs to look nice. With an awning installed, it can look nice all year round. They are great tools to divert the weather away from your storefronts, and to keep your dry and weather-free all year round.

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