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Brighten Up Your Customers’ Days with Lit Channel Letters

In past articles, we have described the various benefits you and your customers receive from channel letters. However, simply having channel letters, while great on its own does not help you reach your full sales potential. Even better than installing normal channel letters is installing channel letters that light up with LEDs. Not only is this cost-effective but it also guarantees that you can advertise and market your business to your local community, even after you close your shop for the night.

Here are the top two reasons why LED lit letters are a great addition to channel letters, and why you should install some before the summer, when parties last until the early morning and a guaranteed customer base travels past your store while the stars are still out.

LED Letters Outshine Your Competition

Not many business owners purchase lit letters for their signage. Even fewer leave them on throughout the night since they believe that, since the store is closed until the morning, it is a waste of money to advertise while most people are sleeping. If you purchase channel letters with LED letters however, you can take advantage of this perception and literally outshine your competition.

While most people are sleeping during the night, not everyone is. Some people like to take midnight jogs or walks. Others have midnight shifts driving public transportation or like to work overtime at the office when it is quietest outside and the atmosphere is more tranquil. Others still are travelling to and from bars, restaurants, and pubs with their family and friends.

Every single person who walks by your small business and sees your lit-up LED channel letters is a potential customer come the morning. If they are interested in visiting your shop they will take note of that and return when you are open for their business.

With LED lit channel letters, you will stand out from your competition who usually have neither LED letters or even any channel letters at all. While they have signage, if it cannot be seen, it is like it never existed.

Bad Weather Is No Match For LED Letters

LED letters can shine brightly through typical bad weather that obscures your customers’ vision, like fog or heavy rains. Again, as in the previous section, the main advantage and the reason why you should purchase and install lit LED letters on your storefront exterior is for customers and visitor to see it as they walk or drive past your store. If you have a regular sign like most of your competition, it will fail you once the weather reduces visibility.

You need an advertising solution that works for you year-round, not just when the weather is perfect.

If being seen by customers is important to you, or you want to take full advantage of your LED lit letters, consider purchasing some channel letters for your store today. It may be one of the wisest investments you ever put into your business, due to the benefits it will bring your store and your revenue potential.

Every investment has a different rate of return, which you can compare to determine which are more profitable than others. However, few investments often deliver for as long as channel LED letters do. Consider purchasing some lit letters today and take advantage of an amazing opportunity to grow your bottom line.

If you own and operate a small business in Toronto, Vaughan, Markham and Mississauga and are interested in purchasing, designing or installing channel letters, lit letters, or led letters to help advertise your business 24/7, 365, consider contacting Vital Signs today. For more information about channel letters, or to place an order, visit our website.