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Bigger Is Better: A Main Advantage of Channel Letters

You may own or operate a small business in a strip mall, or on a busy street. Conventional store signage space may therefore be limited, and you may feel that you and your business are hindered by this fact. However, with channel letters, you no longer have to worry about limited space. You can now use the entire front of your store to mount channel letters. In addition, you are no longer limited to the space of conventional signage.

Here are the top four physical benefits channel letters provide for your business’s storefront advertising and marketing.

Channel Letters Are Lighter

Although it depends on the custom channel letters you design, most letters are made of aluminum. The two main advantages of aluminum are that your channel letters will not rust and they will be light in weight. If you want to install large channel letters on your storefront to grab customers’ and visitors’ attention, large lettering may be the simplest means to do so. Since aluminum is a lightweight material, your channel letters will also be easier to install and uninstall.

No Loss of Originality with Channel Letters

Some storeowners are hesitant to order channel letters over a conventional sign because they fear they will be limited in their creativity when choosing a style or design. However, your originality when it comes to channel letters is only limited by your imagination. Not all letters are blocky or separated from each other.

You can order cursive letters and even custom-made channel logos as well. In fact, using channel letters may even make you more creative, which has positive benefits on your customers’ impressions of your store. You will also be able to stand out against your competitors, the majority of whom will have conventional signage.

A Positive Environmental Impact

Earth Day is quickly approaching and, on April 22, it will be here. However, many of your customers may care about Earth Day year-round, not just on the one day dedicated to it per year. If you care about the environment as well, and do not want to order a wooden sign, which impacts Canada’s forests, you may be interested in purchasing channel letters instead.

Made of aluminum, channel letters are not only better for the environment than wooden signs, meaning you are helping save trees from being cut down, but they can also be recycled and reused again. You can now benefit the environment even more by ordering aluminum channel letters today.

Leave Your Customers Guessing

Sometimes, too much information can be a bad thing. If you elaborately detail your business and available inventory on your storefront signage, your customers and visitors may become bored or weary while reading it all. If they are driving past, they cannot possibly read your signage nor will they want to. Channel letters can provide a customer or visitor with all the information he or she needs when determining whether to visit your store.

One great example of channel letters being used effectively is at a Toronto video store called Videoflicks. Beyond its name, Videoflicks does not need to provide any information. People who pass by the store, even if driving quickly, can see the name in large channel letters. If they briefly look in the store windows, they will see row after row of movies. Every potential customer knows Videoflicks’ business model instantly.

Videoflicks’ channel letters have therefore effectively advertised their store to their customers. There is no need for more information beyond that. This is the advertising and marketing power channel letters bring to your store.

Vital Signs has channel letters available for small business owners in and throughout Concord, Brampton, and Mississauga. If you are interested in installing channel letters on your storefront, want more information, or would like to place an order, please contact us at our website.