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A Look at the Most Common Outdoor Signs, Billboards

Whether you notice it or not, billboards can be found everywhere. Outdoor signs at King and Spadina can cost a business $14,000 to $16,000 for 4 weeks, but the exposure it provides is invaluable. If you want to advertise your outdoor signs at the Gardiner Expressway near the CNE, the same duration can cost a business around $14,000 or more, with an estimated 152,000 impressions per day. Placing outdoor signs at the entrance to the 401 at Bathurst costs around $8,000 for the same duration and will generate 260,000 daily impressions. Outdoor signs are extremely valuable and Vital Signs wants to help you realize their potential.

Billboards are fairly large and effective at conveying your message. Some of the most memorable advertising campaigns were featured on outdoor signs. Companies love outdoor signs because they are cost-effective and lasting. If a motorist drives by the same outdoor signs every day for the entire lifespan of the ad, they will remember the advertisement and it may influence their consumer habits. However, a mediocre television ad will be nothing more than a short term memory, and in most cases, viewers will use the bathroom or fetch a snack during commercials.

A motorist is forced to see outdoor signs; if for example, it is on their way to work. There is nothing they can do about it. You may think that this type of consumer isn’t affected by your ad, but they probably are. If they are hungry and your advertisement is for food, they may connect their hunger with the need to visit your particular restaurant, or it may summon a memory of your restaurant when they are hungry later on.

Don’t underestimate outdoor signs. They are great for a business’s bottom line. Vital Signs wants you to understand the value in billboards. We offer our services to clients in Toronto, Concord, Brampton, and throughout the entire GTA.