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5 Sign Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Statistics are the king in the world of retail and a great tool that allows you to measure the performance of your business. When it comes to signs, statistics are equally as important and there are several things you should know about how effective this form of advertising still is. Despite the evolution of digital media, traditional signs will help your business grow in ways that are extremely cost-effective. Vital Signs is with you every step of the way, ready to help you take your business to the next level through our many high quality signage options.

You’re probably curious about signs and their overall effectiveness. How can such a dated medium still be relevant in our current society? The short answer? They are everywhere and they provide infinite exposure. The long answer? Read below!

1. Signs Create New Customers

Signs are a great way to increase the exposure of your business. This fact is undeniable. However, you may be wondering how this exposure is measured. According to Brandon Gaille, a respected marketing expert, on premise signs bring in 50% more customers, while word of mouth brings in 33%, newspapers 9%, television 1%, and radio 1%. Missing out on this cheap advertising is detrimental to your business and something that you should avoid.

2. Signs Generate Additional Profit

If you are looking to increase your profits, signs will help you accomplish this. Adding effective signs to your business has been linked to a minimum 8% growth in revenues. In the fast food industry, a large sign that helps a customer identify the brand can lead to an additional 15.6% growth in sales, while a similar sign in the retail industry will generate 7.7%.

3. Signage Entices Customers

According to research, 85% of your customers live or work within a five mile radius of your business. Signage helps you capture their attention, and in the case of Best Buy, 17% of their walk-in customers enter the store because of their bright and vibrant yellow sign. Impulse buyers are one of the most important markets to target. These types of buyers are ready to spend money and a convincing store sign will entice them to enter your business and spend money.

4. Show Customers You Exist

Competition is tough these days. Showing your customers that you exist is extremely important and something that will help you stand out from the pack. 35% of your customers discovered your store when they passed by it. They either saw your storefront sign or a sign along a roadway, either way, your signage puts in an invaluable amount of work and signage is a medium that you should take very seriously when designing your business.

5. Cheaper Per View Cost

A typical sign will cost you $0.02 per 1000 views, while a newspaper costs $2.81 and a single television ad costs $9.82 for the same number of views. Maximizing your advertising budget is essential and signage helps you achieve this in the most cost-effective way possible.

Signs have been around for most of the contemporary era. They will always be an important facet of the advertising industry and businesses are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits they provide. Vital Signs offers high quality signage solutions to businesses in Toronto, Markham, New Market, Thornhill, and throughout the entire GTA. If you have any questions about our business or services, please feel free to contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you out.