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5 Reasons to Choose Neon Signs for Your Business

Neon signs have existed since the 19th century. This old form of advertising hasn’t lost its touch and is still an effective way to promote your business. While the signage industry has evolved significantly in the last decade, neon signs have managed to carve out a niche and to provide a valuable advertising option for businesses that are looking to stand out amongst their competition. Here are five reasons why you should consider neon signs.

1. The Nostalgia Factor

Never underestimate the power of nostalgia. People love wearing their rose colored glasses and there is no reason to stop them if it helps to promote your business. Neon signs provide an intense nostalgia factor amongst consumers. The idea of a classic neon sign often conjures images of an older time when things were simpler and businesses were more transparent. Perhaps we are exaggerating, but the point we are trying to make is that neon signs are an easy way to tap into the past and to take advantage of a sign that has a deep history and fascination rooted in the past.

2. Cost Effective

Finding cheap ways to advertise your business is an essential thing for every company to hunt for. Neon signs are expensive to manufacture, but provide extensive long-term savings and a lot of advertisement value. There is a common myth that neon signs use a lot of electricity, but in reality, they use very little and they burn for a long time. On average, a neon sign will last for 80,000 hours or 10 years. When your neon burns out, it can easily be recharged.

3. Attract New Customers

In terms of advertisement value, consumers love neon signs. When they see them in stores, it will instantly catch their attention and draw them towards your business. Some of the most effective signs in history were neon and there is a reason why so many tourists are fascinated by the bright lights of Las Vegas. Neon is simple in design, but highly effective in practice.

4. Neon Is Noticeable

If you operate a business that is open late at night, neon signs will help you get noticed. Along the competitive streets of the city are numerous businesses fighting for recognition. If your competition employs dull and normal signs, you would benefit greatly by using neon signs to advertise your company. When it is dark outside, bright neon signs stand out and help your business advertise itself just by the virtue of how they are easily recognized when it is dark. Easily beat out your competition using neon.

5. Flexibility Is Part of the Package

Another common myth is that neon signs are only capable of forming basic words or symbols. This isn’t true. In fact, neon signs are capable of being manufactured into almost any image or word. From simple open signs to the more complex Vegas Vic cowboy, neon is extremely flexible and capable of being sculpted into whatever you want it to be. On top of flexibility, neon comes in various colors.

If you are looking to manufacture a neon sign for your business, Vital Signs is here to help. We specialize in neon and have been working with this medium for many years. We offer our services to clients in Toronto, Mississauga, all of Southern Ontario, and the entire GTA. If you have any questions about our company or neon, please feel free to contact us through our website. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.