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4 Statistics in Favor of Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are an important factor of the current advertising industry. Most outdoor signs come in the form of billboards. These signs provide businesses with a lot of freedom when it comes to advertising and there are several reasons why you should consider designing outdoor signs for your business. Statistically, these types of signs generate positive results. Before taking the plunge, you probably have several questions about why outdoor signs are so great. Do not worry, we have you covered, and we’ll let the statistics do the talking. Listed below are four important statistics that should easily convince you of the importance of outdoor signs and what they can offer your business in the competitive advertising industry.

1. Tell Consumers What They Want to Know

Consumers often learn important information through signs that they interact with. While this information isn’t always relevant, more often than not it is. In fact, 58% of consumers learn about events they are interested in attending, the same number of people learned about a restaurant that they later visited, 56% discussed a funny advertisement, 33% were reminded about a TV program, and 26% wrote down important contact information. All of these statistics are extremely compelling and show why signage is still a valuable method of advertising for your business.

2. Engage Customers on Their Terms

Strategically placed outdoor signs engage consumers on their terms. What does this mean? Statistically, 72% of consumers view outdoor signs on their way home from work, 68% make their purchase decisions while in the car, 38% decide to stop at stores on the way home, 24% felt motivated by outdoor signage, 32% claimed to visit the retailer with the outdoor sign later in the week, 50% reported that the advertisements provided useful information, and 24% confirmed that they visited a business with an outdoor ad immediately. This mouthful of statistics has one conclusion. Outdoor signs attract the attention of customers, telling them about your business, and generate sales. All of these outcomes are beneficial to your business and you should be working hard to create compelling signage.

3. Billboards Have the Highest Performance

Of all outdoor signs, billboards provide the most exposure. Ranking below billboards were bus-stop ads, wall ads, posters, cylinder board, car ads, racquers, mega lights, and floor graphics. Billboards are located everywhere in major cities and along roadways. They can be used for any business and they are large enough that a company can create an effective advertisement that takes advantage of text and imagery.

4. High ROI

Traditional media is expensive and continues to grow in cost. Outdoor signs are an affordable methods of advertising that provide a respectable return on investment. An outdoor billboard will cost you to manufacture and rent the space, but those costs are significantly less than running ads on the radio or television. In addition, outdoor signs provide higher ROIs in retail, travel, and telecom, all major industries in Canada that require extensive advertising across all platforms. On average, $1 spent will recoup $4.72 in telecom, $3.79 in retail, and $3.55 in travel. These are noteworthy ROIs and something that all businesses would be delighted to receive.

If you are interested in manufacturing outdoor signs for your business, Vital Signs is ready to help you out. We have several years of experience and understand the importance of creating high quality signage that will effectively advertise your business. We offer our services to clients in Toronto, Concord, Brampton, and throughout the GTA. If you have any questions about our company, please feel free to contact us today. We would be more than happy to help you out.