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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Store Sign

Your store sign is your primary advertising vehicle to customers on the street, not just what your business does, but also the value you invest in your business. They need to understand that your business is better than the competition and that you value their shopping experience above all else. Here are four benefits of owning a store sign for your small or medium-sized business.

Customers Need to Know About You

Not every business nowadays is online. Most are not and, while customers are used to searching for products and deals online before they shop, there is something about physically purchasing items that is irreplaceable. If your store does not have a sign, you need to have one designed and installed as soon as possible so customers can know, just from looking from the sidewalk, what your business specializes in.

In addition, your store sign needs to clearly advertise what your business specializes in. If you own and operate a hardware store, your sign should have familiar objects on it like a hammer or nails if you have not written the word “Hardware” on it. Having a bland, ambiguous design that is not tailored to your business is confusing and will decrease potential sales.

A Store Sign Shows Your Investment in Your Business

Walk along any street with storefronts and you will notice that a few businesses do not advertise their shop with a large, attention-grabbing sign. As such, unless you know of the business, you will have to walk up to the entrance to see what it offers. This is not a good marketing strategy, as it makes customers believe you care so little about your business you will not even put up a sign.

Your store sign does not have to be large and seen for miles like the Walmart sign or McDonald’s Golden Arches, it just needs to grab attention from the street. If you do not have a storefront sign, potential customers will pass by, oblivious to your existence. The purpose of a sign not only shows people your location, it also shows you care about your own business prospects.

A Great Advertising Platform

Having a store sign is a great way to advertise the newest and best deals and sales you have to offer. Such signs are an efficient way to advertise because customers will know before they enter your shop that they want to buy. Potential customers in their cars speeding by, or on the street, no longer have to waste their time or yours debating over whether they should shop at your business.

This sales tactic will, most importantly, allow you to use your time more efficiently to run your business rather than talk with a problematic consumer who cannot make up their mind and tries to haggle your profit margins away. While engaging with customers can be the best part of the job for some small and medium-sized business owners, your time is precious and must be used as efficiently as possible. After all, you have a business to run and a store sign will allow you to do that.

Store Signs Help You Stand out from the Competition

As a business ourselves, we want all small and medium-sized business owners to succeed and realize their dreams. However, we also acknowledge that competition is a definitive part of capitalism and not every business can succeed. In order to do so, you need to distinguish yourself and your business from your competition. There is no better strategy to do this than a store sign. It will not only let you stand apart from businesses that do not advertise or have store signs, it will allow you to advertise your business and ideals to the greater community.

Store signs come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose the font and calligraphic design of your slogan and nameplate, you can even choose the color and texture like, for instance, a wood or metal finish for your sign. Your store sign should be as unique as your business to show customers you are not just another cookie-cutter operation.

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