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4 Reasons Why Neon Signs Are Great for Business

Neon signs are not just iconic; they are a great way to advertise your business to potential customers at any hour of the day. You can use them to advertise your business, even if operating hours are over, they grab consumers’ attention and maintain it easier than conventional signage, their designs can be uniquely crafted to match your business interests, and they are incredibly affordable as an advertising medium in the long-term.

You Can Now Advertise at Night

Although not all small and medium-sized businesses operate during the night and early morning, potential customers are out and about. It would be a shame if you were to miss out on future sales because such customers were not aware of your business’s goods and services during your daytime hours of operation.

Luckily, with a neon sign you can advertise even if your doors are not open yet. Consumers will be glad to have discovered your business in their locale, and you will surely be delighted when they stop by during operating hours for more information and mention it was due to your innovative advertising strategies.

Neon Signs Grab Consumers’ Attention

Even in the daytime, a neon sign can grab consumers’ attention from the street in a way conventional signage cannot. Neon signs are bright and are highly visible in weather that normal signs are inefficient in, like rain, clouds, or fog, all of which would reduce the visibility of a non-neon sign. The difference is well-known and will allow you to one-up your competition.

Installing a neon sign therefore allows you to reach more potential customers than a regular sign due to the higher visibility it has from the street. Beat your competition and get one today. You will not regret it.

Their Design Is as Unique as Their Business

Neon signs can be designed in many unique ways and formations. The final product is highly modifiable and can be molded to fit your business needs and wishes, which are only limited by your imagination. A neon sign can be your logo, your slogan, your business name, or all four. The choice is truly yours to make.

You can choose from a variety of colors and shapes, and you can install your neon sign in the most pleasing place for you and your customers. You can hang it above your business’s exterior door, or in front of your storefront window, or even on a fixed standing sign like so many big box stores do. In addition, if you become unsatisfied with the placement of your sign, you can change it whenever you like. The possibilities are endless.

An Affordable Way to Advertise Long-Term

Neon signs are an efficient and affordable means to advertise your business long-term. While non-neon signage tends to follow trends and fads in terms of design and appearance, neon signage is an iconic part of business advertising. It will continue to remain trendy because it is separate from the established trends. This is why neon signage from the 1980s, like those found in sports bars and restaurants, are still classy today. It, like your business, will never go out of style.

Electricity is affordable. Running a neon sign will not break your business operations or advertising budget due to the low amounts of energy you need to power a neon sign. It costs literally cents per hour to run a neon sign and this is surely an acceptable cost when you think of the potential customers and sales such an advertising medium will provide. It is in your best interests, whether as a small or medium-sized business, to install a neon sign today.

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