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3 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Sign and Increase Sales

It may appear as though social media is the new battlefield for business marketing but nothing beats the old tried-and-true methods of physical advertising. What better way to grab consumers’ attention than outdoor signs, proudly and prominently displaying your business in a medium that few other competitors are using nowadays? Here are three reasons to install an outdoor sign for your business today, and take advantage of a prime, yet forgotten, advertising opportunity.

Give Commuters Something to Look At

Everyone hates commuting. You are stuck in your car on an endless highway, sometimes for hours on end, listening to the same Top 40 hits over and over again, and that is if the signal of your favorite station is within range. Since you know the pain of commuting, why not give commuters a sleek, attractive billboard to look at and increase potential sales? You will have virtually no competition from other businesses as billboards are spaced out far apart from each other, and commuters will give you their full, undivided attention because it is not placed somewhere else.

The key is in the advertising campaign. If your outdoor signs are not humorous or witty, or does not engage the commuter, it will be quickly forgotten. For example, since commuters are stuck in traffic anyways, if you operate a coffee company for instance, why not advertise a reduced price for commuters who tweet a picture of the billboard and show it to you upon purchase? This active participation manifests in increased sales potential due to consumers having a vested interest in your products or services. Outdoor signs allow you to be creative and show the public the best your company has to offer.

A Way to Promote Yourself Using Modern Technology

Technology is advancing in incredible leaps. Something new is invented every day and, unless you have a vested interest in reading about it, the tech world can pass you by. As such, not every small or medium-sized business owner can remain updated on the latest technological fads because, put simply, they are running a business, not writing technology reviews (unless that is their business). However, one such technology may mean the difference between maintaining a business and increasing sales: QR codes.

QR codes are a great way to advertise and promote yourself online and outside simultaneously. By affixing a QR code to your outdoor signs, you can allow consumers who use smartphones to be quickly updated on the newest happenings of your company, whether this is future promotions, current deals, or discounts available through the QR code.

QR codes also allow you to focus on a population local to your business because a potential customer has to physically take a picture of your sign and then tweet it.

In addition, although many people use new QR codes and it may seem like a waste to only include one QR code on your sign, this is not necessary. You can simply reuse the same one, updating it regularly to offer new goods and services to your local community.

A Great Way to Make Your Store Run More Efficiently

Small and medium-sized business owners may not have much room for customers beyond a limited number at any one time. Furthermore, just because a potential customer walks into your store does not necessarily mean they want to buy something. They may be window-shopping, for instance.

With outdoor signs that clearly displays your company name, your goods and services offered, and your contact information, curious consumers can research your shop before they enter, allowing you to free up space for determined customers wanting to offer you their business.

It really is a more efficient way to advertise while ensuring a greater likelihood that customers who walk into your store are determined to shop and are not just looking around. Stop wasting your time, or letting consumers waste yours, and install an outdoor sign today!

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